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Urgent: Questionable Hosting Services

My friend’s forum site was blocked unexpectedly after Google Chrome warned us that it had malware coming from a Russian domain. Checking closely, it turned out that the real problem lay with the website hosting service, known asVision Web Hosting, purportedly based in the United States. 

The reality is that it is a hosting company owned by a Serbian national under the name of Slobodan Cvetic, with a phony US address. 

I went a little further to check the reputation of this company, and it revealed that my friend wasn’t the only one victimized this morning: hundreds and even thousands of victims have posted complaints of STOLEN DOMAIN NAMES REGISTERED UNDER CVETIC’S NAME AT GODADDY, and NOT to their customers! 

It’s an offshore company operated by scam artists.

Which means that anyone using this service without realizing what it really does is going to get a real shock: no tech support, no money back, nothing — they’ll rarely or never answer back.

Worse, this company is STILL IN OPERATION for so long — 10 YEARS — and law-enforcement companies have yet to respond to this matter.




To the FBI and to the Interpol, please check into the activities of this scam operation; we would like to have this madness ended and everything returned to their victims.

To others: report here: