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EVA: Light and Water


“SEELE sent Kaworu Nagisa to Tokyo-3 as its envoy for NERV, but as soon as he arrives he becomes involved, facing the challenge of trying to change the people around him, especially the Children. Above all, sometimes prophecies aren’t carved in stone.”

The Story Behind Eva: Light and Water

On October 7, 2003, Light and Water was first conceived as an Evangelion fanfic after I answered an online quiz asking me what Eva character I am, and I got a Kaworu Nagisa. I asked my mates at the old Darkscribes.org Forum and wondered if this was a cosmic joke.

For a bit of a background, previously I tried to create a Higher Learning (by Christopher “Strike Fiss” Brummet) spin-off fanfic, but after five chapters I gave it up because at the time it was my first time writing and I couldn’t do it right.

Going back to Light and Water, initially I thought it to be a dumb fate (at that time Kaworu was saddled with unpleasant stereotypes) but on that day, as there were too many Shinji x Rei fics and Shinji x Asuka fics,  I realized I could make a new and unique twist to the continuity by stretching TV Episode 24 and do the impossible:

Why don’t we write a Kaworu x Rei fanfic?

From there, it was a whole new kind of ballgame.

Since then, I finished the first eight chapters of Light and Water, having put it through several pre-readers, but at the cost of speed and time. Eventually real-life priorities forced me to set it aside. In those years of leaving LW dormant, however, I held the pieces of Chapter 9 alive in my mind, even as I worked and sometimes looked for work.

But by February 2010 I made the judgment call to pick it up, dust it clean and continue writing what is now Season Two, starting from Chapter 9.

As of September 22, 2010, Eva: Light and Water, still enshrined at Fanfiction.net, has 29 chapters, +200k words and 54 reviews. As part of my reasons to create this blog, however, this section will serve as an archive for LW and to make it more accessible to other readers.

Season One

Chapter 01: The Assignment
Chapter 02: At First Sight
Chapter 03: Suffer the Little Children
Chapter 04: On the Broken Shore
Chapter 05: Overnight Stay
Chapter 06: The First Visitations
Chapter 07: Over Lunch
Chapter 08: One Lazy Afternoon

Season Two

Chapter 09: Between Friends
Chapter 10: Red Flag
Chapter 11: When the Dust Clears
Chapter 12: Rei in Jonah’s Whale
Chapter 13: Confessions
Chapter 14: Asuka Langley Soryu, I Presume
Chapter 15: Hangover
Chapter 16: 21 Guns
Chapter 17: Turning Point
Chapter 18: Kisses & Bullets
Chapter 19: Light & Water
Chapter 20: Reflection of the Winter Moon
Chapter 21: Graveyard Shift
Chapter 22: Before Daybreak
Chapter 23: The Morning After
Chapter 24: Comeback Princess
Chapter 25: Negotiation, Part 1
Chapter 26: Negotiation, Part 2
Chapter 27: Rebuilding Bridges
Chapter 28: My Cup Runneth Over
Chapter 29: Afternoon Secrets
Chapter 30: In the Garden of Kaji’s Eden

Season Three

Chapter 31: Box of Mystery
Chapter 32: REIncarnation
Chapter 33: Afterwards
Chapter 34: The Night at the O-Club
Chapter 35: Trysts
Chapter 36: The Garden of Gethsemane
Chapter 37: The Road to Golgotha
Chapter 38: The Breaking
Chapter 39: A Beautiful Lie
Chapter 40: Aftermath

Final Season – End of Eva: Blood and Water 

Chapter 01: Recovery
Chapter 02: Code Orange
Chapter 03: (WIP)

Season One Beta Readers: Inanis Machina / Fool’s Gold / Arkiel Yuen  / Dennisud2015 / King Alar / Gabriel / Puddle of LCL / SageSeeker777

Creative Commons (BY/NC/SA)


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