About the Author

Real Life
In real life, this author is a computer programmer manqué, a former layout artist/system administrator/encoder, a half-assed graphics and website designer and a midnight writer. Semi-active Ran Online player (dex-pow-int archer).

A son of a Vietnam vet (and therefore a certified Navy brat), this author first got acquainted with the written word in his teenage days with paperback novels. Later in college he toyed for a while with writing (after his sister provided him more fiction to read)… but only two years after college did he thought of writing a piece about that controversial and landmark anime series that forever changed his life.

What’s this Blog is All About?
I talk what’s going on everyday. I talk about pop culture, anime, music, current events, technology, the Net, movies, food, literature, the television broadcasting industry and other things that make us tick and keep us free. And I tell the story of what it takes to be alive as an individual human being.


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