It was a fanfic idea that I came up with while watching the latter portion of AKB0048 Stage 08, and partly inspired by a scene in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

Here goes nothing…

Nonchalantly Takamina enters the bar, no longer wearing her normal AKB outfit — the fancy modification of the typical school uniform — but in a pair of jeans, biker boots, a clean shirt draped by a leather jacket. Furthermore her green hair no longer had the distinct bow on top, but her long hair tied into a knot with a rubber band.

The bar was dark, smoky; there were some patrons at the moment, peopled by space truckers, bikers, bandits, mercenaries, hookers, each having their own booze. Near the door was a replica of a Wurlitzer jukebox, playing an electric guitar instrumental of a 50’s ballad.

Then suddenly some bum slaps her butt. She’s surprised for a moment, as the bum chuckles maliciously, before walking away until she finds an empty spot at the far end of the bar.

She sits down on a stool, and being past 20, orders a glass of Shirley Temple. The bartender gives her the cocktail, and thanks him before leaving her alone.

As Takamina takes a sip of her drink, wondering what she would do next, all of the sudden, she suddenly comes face-to-face with — of all people — the original Takamina, bathed in sunlight coming down from the skyroof.

The idol whom she had succeeded, the first legendary captain of the team, wearing a formal modern seifuku uniform, modified with colorful piping and red Wallace tartan to make it more of a fashion statement, and of course, on her brownish-gold hair was a pink-and-gold ribbon which seemed to be glowing warmly in the light.

At first Takamina the Fifth had a double take of disbelief, but then they both smiled.

“Is that… you?” she asked.

“Hello, Takamina,” the Takamina of the past greeted. “Don’t you have a team to lead on a mission?”

Takamina the Fifth went back to her drink, and thought of taking a sip, but instead turned the glass around as though in reflection.

“Sorry,” she said. “I’ve been caught up too much about being… replaced by a kenkyusei, that I nearly got myself killed days ago, and for that I… I don’t want to let them be put in danger.”

“There’s more danger now,” the other girl watched her play around with the swizzle stick.

The present Takamina shook her head. “Kanata… well, I bet she’ll be a greater captain sooner enough,” she said in a sad tone. “Not me… Pretending to be like one of them, so I’m not worth it.”

“But your past is what makes you into what you are now,” the Takamina of the past replied, as she watched the other girl drink a bit. “Don’t forget you were chosen for a reason, no matter what the Kirara say.”

The Fifth put down her drink, seemingly not wanting to listen.

“AKB idols are like diamonds,” the Past Minami continued. “They can’t be made, as you have to find them, for each and every one of them is unique. Above all, your sisters need you more than ever before, because they look up to you for leadership and inspiration.”

Realizing that there was wisdom in her words, the present Takamina smiled for the first time, and chuckled.

“Sometimes we search too hard for answers, when it turns out it’s right in front of us,” the other girl said.

Takamina wanted to say something, and as she turned her head again to face the Past, she was gone.

Where is she? she thought, her eyes searching out even for a glimpse, but couldn’t for much of the bar was dark. Anyhow she was relieved, the advice making sense as Takamina settled down, when she saw the newspaper stuffed between the cash register and a bottle of Glenlivet.

The headline said:

DES Forces Closing In To Capture AKB0048 Members

Takamina’s eyes narrowed, and all the sudden she stood up, put down a couple of bills on the bar, walked briskly towards the door, and then again the bum slapped her arse.

This time she stopped, turned to face the perverted, cackling bastard smiling at her…

…she smiled back…

…And with all of her strength, Takahashi Minami the Fifth threw the sonofabitch onto the jukebox, the full weight of his body destroying it completely.


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