Fandoms are where like-minded individuals would congregate and enthusiastically share their thoughts and ideas about the things they love. But however, there are those who profess their puritanism that not all ideas are accepted, even if it actually came from the creator of, say, an anime show or an idol group, which would’ve been considered significant for their respective fandoms.

As for me, I’m an open-minded individual who likes to see new ideas, bet on dark horses, and observe how the unthinkable would work.

I’m talking about this:

As you can see, when this PV came out, the general perception was negative in several areas, including character design and concept, which, therefore didn’t sit well with some fandoms. In some cases, it reminded them too much of the much-criticized Idolmaster: Xenoglossia series.

And just yesterday, in two major fora, the thread discussing this show received  nearly the same response from their respective admins, who are also hardcore fans; one (a mecha-core) said he’d rather be seeing another serving of his favorite anime than this PV, and another (a wota) said that he doesn’t like anime, and therefore strongly feels it doesn’t belong to his forum.

What I learned in one day is that not all fandoms have my best interests in heart, especially as I try to discuss, elaborate and clarify about this new show.

To them, it’s sacrilegious and, sorry to say, either ugly or too cute or “kiddie”.

But to me, I consider AKB0048 highly significant because of the huge amount of production power behind it, and a unique combination of veteran seiyuu and real-life idols, as this show is a collaboration between Shoji Kawamori (chief director) and Yasushi Akimoto (producer), who are respectively the (co)creators of Macross and AKB48.

Above all, I concede the show as being an iconoclast, because it doesn’t fit the norm of either fandoms on both sides.

Sadly, most fans base their perceptions on just one PV, so often first impressions — positive or negative — can last. But the thing is, it would be a grave mistake to estimate a new anime show’s success or failure based on this PV alone, and given that there’s little information other than provided on the official site and press releases, we cannot be sure how the story would unfold until the day of first airing.

Who knows, given the combination of cute character designs (by Risa Ebata) juxtaposed against gritty backgrounds (a post-disaster landscape) and grim situations (a dictatorship), it could be a sleeper, just as last year’s Madoka Magica proves.

We can only wait and see how this high-risk experiment would unfold.


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