The block that is my albatross…

I know. It’s been some time after the last chapter, and right now I’m still stuck on the next one, not sure where to go next, as it’s becoming hard for me to imagine the scene or to construct the dialogue.

Maybe I’m deep into somebody else’s business, worrying about their problems instead of me to deal with it on my terms… No, lately my time management has been shot to hell, a complete contrast to the time more than a year ago when I was able to chug through even two chapters in a single day and then post them every week.

Maybe it’s my 35-year-old eyes, now straining more than ever, squinting against the harsh light of the monitor, a sign of my inevitable aging, the slow loss of physical youth, which means I’ll have to get a new pair of eyeglasses.

Maybe I’m in a tight corner, having to juggle several disciplines (love, family, politics, military, science, philosophy) at once, yet I’m really overwhelmed by the resulting immense scale that is the End of Eva.

That’s it, I made the universe of my fanfic so big that it has encompassed everything else I have read about fan-written Eva stories… Must be my imagination cracking at the seams, almost to its fault limit, beyond design specifications.

But, geez, to be honest, through my hand I want to see the fic end on a good note, and it looks to me that I have to shake off all other distractions, save for a vital few pieces that are integral to my writing experience.


It’s time for me to begin the process of completing the story, where I have left off weeks/months ago.

As a friend once posted on her account: “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Time to port out from Kansas. Wish me luck. 🙂


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