Wearing the Shoes

I’m sorry if I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

To sum it up, I had to take care of some real-life issues, such as taking care of the household, trying to meet the needs of people living at home. Apart from that, I’m trying to get some new story ideas as I work, and in the case of Nineteen I’m picking up some research material which soon I could use in the story.

I admit that, of the characters I tried to portray well in the two stories I write, only the characters from Marimite are the more difficult; the Eva characters are easy for me to deal with, because over the years I have become well-acquainted with their imperfect personalities, emotions, quirks and idiosyncrasies, thanks to the accompanying screenshots, fan-made information sites (such as Evageeks), fanfiction and fanart.

Marimite, suffice to say, exists in a different world closer to reality, and therefore the need for more realistic dialogue and settings; even after repeating viewings of the anime (and I do have all four seasons in my possession) I still find it a bit difficult trying to put myself into the girls’ shoes (except maybe for Sachiko, whose personality is closer to mine) and see the world from their point of view. Given the time constraint I have, I wonder if I could do the same technique I used with the Eva characters and bring out a successful portrayal.

That means that I need to dig in more, by reading the translated parts of the light novel, and perusing the manga adaptation.

Now, I still need a bit more time to rest, before I finally have the courage to write another chapter.

You and I have to hang on for a while… A little patience, people.


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