Candido’s Apocalypse

Among the pieces of local literature (read: by Filipino writers) I came across (the other are books by Jose Rizal and of the famous Bob Ong), the best piece is Candido’s Apocalypse, from the late Nick Joaquin, the closest thing one could get to a NGE mind-screw – and predating NGE completely by almost four decades.

As I read it for the first time, I found myself drawing parallels between Candido and Shinji, despite they’re decades apart (Candido in the 70’s; Shinji in five years from now), for them the world has antagonized them, a growing nightmare drawing upon their eyes in stages; both are troubled (but Candido is rebellious; Shinji has this sense of inferiority), but sometimes they have moments of respite from the madness (Candido and his buddies go on a drinking spree; Shinji eating ramen at the dimsum stand with the rest of the gang). There are instances of blind rage, angst (correct me if I’m wrong), inner turmoil, near-insanity, hallucinations, and philosophical and painful pondering  on the meaning of life.

Right at the moment, it seems that you’ll have to find the book somewhere (it’s part of a compilation called Tropic Gothic) or go browsing some high school textbooks to look for the full version (the extracts don’t do any justice, however).

(Sidenote: I pity some of those who were trying to find a summary for it, as not everyone has a copy, and apparently their public school library don’t have much in the way of bountiful literary stocks.)

I can’t tell you much, but I recommend this book – absolutely, and mind-blowing as the author himself.

Candido’s Apocalypse is available from, or maybe sold at your nearest bookstore.


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