Tomorrow’s Friday.

Guys, it’s been days since the last chapter.

Dunno but right now I’m on a quandary, stuck with a writer’s block, trying to guess what to do with Chapter 28, and figuring out a way to write down Chapter 30. Of course, I can’t spoil you the details, but some of you are pretty sure that something’s going to happen.

Part of the reason why there’s some slow progress, is that ever since I had a niece I’m forced to take on more household duties than ever before; had to work longer hours trying to take care of a very difficult, high-maintenance household. I’m worried at the same time, that with the exhaustion comes the inability to think clearly. In contrast, just a few months ago, I had only a few distractions and enough time to brainstorm; I was on a damn helluva roll, even going as far as uploading two chapters within two days.


Things have very much changed in the last ten years, especially with fanfics and the fandom. More than ten years ago, there’s about two dozen or so Evafic authors who were able to churn out surprisingly excellent work, which, if compared to now, they were the definite trendsetters, and some of them are genre templates for the fanfiction we see and read today.

In my case, judging from my observations, the most popular Evafics now are often those cut into the Gurren Lagann mold of comedy/parody; there’s also the one-shot fics, the WAFF, the pairings and the other usual formulaic fics. They’re hot, they maybe flawed, but almost everyone reads it to appease their fan longing.

On the other end of the spectrum are those fanfics that attempt to bend the rules, trying not to be pigeonholed or categorized, making the most of the material and the themes in Eva; these fics are often well-written or experimental, as though the writer is trying to turn his/her tale into a launchpad for serious professional writing.

But the problem is that, it seems for me, most readers prefer familiar settings and plot. Makes you realize that you could draw parallels between fanfiction and real-life entertainment and literature: you’re competing with everyone else in the same field, fighting to be on top, and it’s really hard. In the case of the Evafic archive at, the one who updates most frequently gets to be on top of the list; the fic that can produce the most laughs or the WAFFyness gets bookmarked for life.

No, I’m not jealous or something negative, but being a fanfic writer isn’t an easy thing to do, worrying about readability, delivery dates, statistics, criticism, how long I have to keep on writing… and above all, trying to balance my pressing real-life priorities.

But I want to emphasize this again: I’m not going to drop this until it’s done with and I can die on the bed someday knowing that I have wrought the product of my mind for everyone to consume and share.

Now, excuse me as I begin to fire up Word…


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