On the Issue of “Endlessly Re-Interpretable”

From EFML, in reaction to EvaMonkey’s opinion:

Thinking KajiLet’s see if we could take that concept any further, by considering fanfiction and doujinshi: As a fanfic writer who has just gone far to keep a piece of writing alive, I beg to differ, that Eva, its characters and story gives us writers a precedent.

To begin with, consider this statement coming from the Newtype Filmbook, for one particular scene:

“Amidst the many words of congratulations, a faint smile starts at the corners of Shinji’s mouth (and spreads across his face). A happy face — that is the figure of the Complemented Shinji. This conclusion is also one form, ONE POSSIBILITY AMONG MANY.” (Translated by Bochan Bird) http://www.evaotaku.com/html/evafaq.html

What does those caps-locked words mean? For me there’s a lot of possible ends for him, and it’s really up to anyone to interpret how he would eventually end up.

Like any other fandom, we fanfic writers and doujin artists take up that challenge of interpreting that familiar universe and some world-building, but it depends on what the writer/artist wants to do: with a little fertile imagination and as long the characters and the spirit of the story remain intact (IMHO Eva is a people-centric, character-driven tale), he/she can go as close to canon as they want, or with an altered continuity and a self-inserted character (say, something along the lines of Strike Fiss’ Higher Learning or Re-TAKE), or go break some of the rules and punch out of the box with a completely altered universe (Rakna’s Chosen or Biles’ COAEG).

True, some have messed up Eva completely to the point of turning it into a repelling lemonized orgyfest, but not all fanfic writers and doujin artists are total jerks, perverts or social deviants; there always will be many well-meaning and creative fans who respect Eva and its essence, and willing to keep the story alive and fresh through many good interpretations.


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